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Epic Bust

January 28, 2008

Wow.  So, out of near-nothing on our floor, we have possibly the most epic moment of the weekend.  Wandering the floor thinking of grabbing Ephaltes to step out for a cigar, I ran into Jhaos, Ephaltes and a few others wandering the floor.  I just caught the end of Aiola giving one guy crap about how the speakers he was porting about the floor “definately weren’t for a party, right?”, so we figured there was a party there and our little group of 6 or 7 W3ites went down to check it out.

First off, these people don’t host stuff, usually.  The room was full of asians.   There must’ve been 30-odd people there.  Apparently the party was linked to Waterloo’s CASA (Canadian Association of Asian Students) chapter, and they got a fantastic turnout.  So, we chilled briefly, Ephaltes laughed ’cause his room was filled with an asian party he didn’t know was happening, and then we wandered back out as Aiola came back to tell them to keep it down.  As she went in, she was saying “If I have to come back one more time to-OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A FUNNEL.”  The room went silent.  The W3 peanut gallery, having already beaten a hasty retreat, ducked back in to witness the epicness that was one poor boy standing, stunned, deer-in-the-headlights, still holding the funnel up while the entire room regarded him and Aiola alternately.

We were shortly shooed out the door by an officious drunk Asian girl in a white dress and a bad attitude, but not before we all caught how awesome the moment was. Minutes later, the same kid who’d been holding the funnel erupted out the door, skidded to a halt in the middle of our group, shouted “I’m not getting written up for this!”, then took off at full sprint down the hall, again skidding to a halt at the exit, shouting back down the hall “Which one’s the stairs?!” and then down them as we all mutely pointed in the direction he wanted.

When Ephaltes tried to get back into his room, the same objectionable girl in white barred him, while telling us to “keep it down, you’re hurting people’s feelings”; when Ephaltes objected to her obstruction with “This is my room.  I live here…” she grudgingly let him past, but was intent that none of the rest of us sneak our way in.

When the crowd did finally exit, I was astounded at the numbers, and said as much, to which Calais replied “Of course.  We’re Chinese.” in the most matter-of-fact tone that we all waited a few seconds before laughing, just to be sure he was joking…

Then we wandered the floor, discussing loudly how epic a Don we have, and how awesome the entire bust was.  What an awesome finish to a spectacular weekend.

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