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Trip Home

January 15, 2008

To summarize the three weeks of Christmas break, it was an interesting and hectec visit back to the city.  I arrived back, barely aware that I was sick and immediately started in on an attempt to do as much and see as many people as possible. First was the mostly-awesome back in the city party.  I went back to work at Caffeine, and set to putting together the family Open House.  Right after the Open House, Christmas, and a cooking & shopping blitz as I attempted to get gifts together for everyone and make sure I was ready for Christmas’ happening.  Also, did I mention working?  There was a bunch of shifts at my favorite coffee place in there as well, notably the 23rd, 24th, and 26th.  All of which I loved.  I spent most evenings in & out, making my best attempt to hang out with everyone that that I was likely to miss at the various parties and the like.  I missed a bunch, sadly.  Then, preparations started winding up again, as I began putting shit together to make my trip back here again.  Oddly, by the 28th or so, I was pretty much ready to get my ass back here to KW – I love Vancouver, and everyone in it, but somehow only being there for 3 weeks made it more stressful than a “relaxing trip home” is really supposed to be.  Then, New Years.  A fantastic party, full-on blowout done … just right.  Brilliantly. exactly what I’d wanted and needed to make shit come together right, followed by two nights out, fulfilling final social obligations and having a great time doing so…  Then, an afternoon with Rachel and her sister, shopping it up on main, where I was again thrilled with the selection of neat things to bully the girls into trying on, and totally disappointed in the offerings of things I could wear.

Finally, I flew back here.

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