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New Years!

January 15, 2008

This year, similar to many others, I had a fantastic New Years celebration. And, without a doubt, a massive improvement on last year’s, which I note didn’t even warrant a write up from me, it was that uninteresting. However, this year. Oh, this year.

Looking to fill in the last key hole in the people I love to hang out with, I went out to party with the Little Perfect kids, taking advantage of Perun’s freshly renovated basement. I arrived retardedly early, with just Perun & Albasta hanging out in the basement, but it slowly filled up, while the group drank lightly and played Guitar Hero in order to pass the time. And, well, suddenly I had a buzz on and the house was full of people. It was hilarious. Also known as fantastic. All my regular favourites were there, and fully insane. Pretty much the first set of people I ran into was Alicha and her friend Menessa, who were setting into a bottle of something called “Pink” which appeared to be the wine version of a chickpop, but possibly involving even more sugar. I cheerfully passed over my bottle of Pinot Gris when they ran dry on the Pink, though they only really had a 1/2 glass each, not wanting to “deprive me” … I was just wanting to get done with that so I could move over to the lovely bottle of Pinot Noir I also had with me.

Wandered the house more, hit on Menessa, talked to Alicha and enjoyed the fact that she apparently seemed to enjoy talking to me, and not hate me as I originally thought. It was awesome. When Alicha took off, Menessa made some mention of pot, and I moped that I didn’t have any ’cause I wasn’t in town long enough to get any, and, being the awesome girl I’m pretty sure she is, she offered to split a joint with me. I was thrilled. Invited outside to smoke free pot with a pretty girl? Where’s the loss?!

Shortly enough, wandered back inside to find that Ausrine had shown up with a boy in tow – who apparently took an instant dislike to me, and spent my entire first conversation with Ausrine attempting to stare me down while I talked to “his” girl. Now admittedly, I know her well enough to know that a sensible guy should keep track of her, and not give much in the way of … opportunity to other guys, but … glaring at me while I talked to her was a little excessive. I did have to laugh at his checking up on her later in the party, while attempting to appear to not be doing so, having poked his head into the room, seen her & I sitting on the end of a bed with 8 people in it chatting, then backing out at speed, plainly hoping to not get noticed to be keeping an eye on his girl. Hah, busted.

Ausrine took off eventually, and I was confronted by a bit of a moral dilemma when introduced to Perun’s friend, Laume. There seemed to be Interest there, and, well, I didn’t want to snake the hell out of Perun – but she’s an attractive girl, and seemed entertaining, as well. However, that bit of awkward was averted by possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve seen at one of these in ages… Radigast was sitting on the bed, with Colleda, Laume, myself and a couple of others standing around in a semicircle, chatting about generica, when Radigast suddenly looked startled, and the lifted his had to his nose, as though to stifle a sneeze … CHAUGH! … And his face, hand, and chest were covered in … Red? What the fuc- OHNO. No. That didn’t just happen. Wait, yes it did. Radigast had suddenly projectile vomited, and the flow, halted by the hand in front of him, went all over his face and the rest of him. Miraculously, though, none of the people standing around him were hit. … A moment of stunned silence fell over the group, before we all took off at a degree of haste to avoid getting recruited to cleanup.

From then ’till midnight was all a blur of Booze Pong upstairs, chatting by the fire in the living room, dancing downstairs, and general photowhoredom around the house. The night coasted on as ever, counting down slowly towards midnight. As the time approached, we all drifted towards the large room in the basement, where we all staked out places where we could see the screen and watch the ball drop, and, of course, rock the all-important countdown. For all that I’m a total whore, I’ve never really made a big deal out of the New Years kiss business, it just seems too forced, too much of a gimme to be genuinely fun & challenging. That said, when Laume sidled up to me during the countdown, there was no way I was likely to pass up on an offer like that.

Spent a reasonable portion of the next little while with her, and, entertainingly enough while I was somewhat distracted, Baldur showed up, so I joined conversation with him for a while, gave him the remainder of my bottle of Pinot Noir, and went back to paying attention to Laume. She eventually took off, and I rejoined the party after walking her to the door.

By this time, it was just past 3, and Ajyasi & I were still super pumped and going strong, so we decided to head over to 7/11 and get some nibblies. We were accompanied by some other guys at the party, and while we were there, we joking about buying one of the guys some dog food on a lark, when we all looked up into the startled face of the only other person in the store, who managed to stammer out “…Wow… And I just wanted smokes and a porno… You must have some party going on…” One thing led to another, and he ended up inviting us back to his party for a drink. … Sure, why not? So we end up at one place, and they’ve just gotten thrown out, there’s almost no one there, hanging around in the back yard. So he wanders in, gets his booze, and gets yelled at, then swaggers back out to announce that “This place is dead, yo, we should all go to my buddy’s place! It’s jes’ up this road here…” We reached the intersection and Ajyasi & I take off, while the other two head on down to this party.

And that’s kinda the end of it. We hit the basement, chatted for a while, then crashed hard.

…Fuck, this is late.

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