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I’m A Freaking Legend

January 15, 2008

Just now I got a Facebook message from a nice girl I met just recently discussing Skeeter, the Venturer/Rover/Ranger/Pathfinder camp up on the Island there.  I’ve been to two now, and the last one I went to, I apparently made a legend of myself.

After all, there’s only one person at those camps liable to end up labeled as “…the drunk guy in the top hat…”

Wow.  This is the second time I’ve been remembered as such, and the 4th or 5th time that the top hat (now dead) has made me a memorable character.  Ajyasi’s friends knew me for ages as “Top Hat Earthman” (There’s alliteration there to make it wittier, if I were using my real name.)

Turns out to be more complicated than that, even – the people she heard the story from were, in fact, the same people who escorted me around the site on that fateful night at Skeeter ’06, and she’s in their group.  And trying to persuade me that I should be coming up with them or one of their affiliate groups this year, assuming that I do get Co-Op in town there, rather than somewhere out here.

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