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Family Open House

December 22, 2007

Pretty much every year since I was born, our family has sent out invitations to nearly everyone we know sometime around mid November, calling everyone in for a massive open-house party just before Christmas. As I got older and the family situation changed for us, I’ve taken on more and more of the duties involving this party, to the point that last year it was a co-effort between my mother and myself. However, this year I was just back from Ontario when we were staging the party, and still overridden with Jetlag and, as we’re finding out a week or so later, (Backdated, actually writing this on the 29th.) quite unwell.

So, sadly, I didn’t pull my weight this year. However, I did everything I could, and Mother had loads of help from various family friends and the like. We pulled it together. And boy did it need all the together we could muster – this year was bigger than ever before.

I must’ve seen sixty or seventy people in my time upstairs and there were easily between thirty and fifty that came by after I retreated to the basement with people my own age to rest, recover, and not be swamped by an endless tide of “How’s school, how’s Ontario, and how’s life on your own? Having fun?, har har har!” The number of times I answered that set of identical, monotonous questions was staggering. And the amount of shit I got from adults for complaining about being tired was pretty much the most infuriating thing ever. I plainly looked like shit, there wasobviously something wrong, and yet, every time, when I complained about being tired, I was given a reply to the ends of “But, you’re young, how can you be tired-”

However, in all fairness, it was awesome to see them. They’re people I’m all close with and like a lot, and getting back to an enthusiastic and genuine reaction like that was pretty heartwarming. I really hope they can forgive me my lack of sociability.

Also, we have these excellent (small) photos of the spread we laid out for our beloved guests.

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