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December 11, 2007

So. Waterloo has this reputation of being a shitty party school. According to myth, we don’t party, we don’t get up to shit, and we do a lot of math.

Our room has, for the past two weeks, been proving this nigh-unequivocably wrong. First, the end-of-classes party last Monday, and again yesterday. We’ve had a stunning week-and-a-bit here, partywise.

We decided out of the blue on Saturday Night at the Drama Kid party that we should hold another, and picked Monday as a fitting date. We sent out a complete invitation to pretty much everyone that we thought of that we wanted, and most of them could make it. Celaena had sadly already taken off for a week until her next exam, but all the other usuals did make it. Alpheos bought himself a Heineken mini-keg and the rest of us got in touch with our remaining stock, and we went to in style.

As parties go, it was somewhat unremarkable. Last week’s mostly uneventful party was, well, eventful compared to this one. However, unlike he last one, this one produced some excellent photos.

And a startling amount of spooning.

Fine, so we’re not massively photogenic, but it was an awesome night.

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