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Monday Night?

December 7, 2007

…Is always a good night for drinking. Or, a massive party, in our case. Nominally, we were celebrating Alcyone’s birthday, but it was really just an excuse to pull in pretty much everyone we knew and wanted to party with.

Thinking that Don Aiola had scheduled a floor meeting for 8PM the night of the party, we put it with a fairly late requested arrival time, mostly so that there wouldn’t be a stream of partygoers wandering through our common area, with Aiola and the entire floor sitting there.

However, she rescheduled, and everyone turned up roughly on time, regardless. Like most res parties, it started slow. Myself, Jaertes, Kalai, and Celaena. Slowly, though, people trickled in. Alpheos wandered in and joined us, followed by a girl from Alcyone & I’s AFM class, then Jethe and a few of his friends turned up, then Alcyone and a couple of people arrived later after that, and … well, suddenly our house was full. Sthena turned up with her “dream team” of blokes she’s collected about UW Place, who were nice enough, but didn’t really mix much – and were very much isolated when Sthena abandoned them to hang out with the Italian kids and a few others in my room. By “Italian kids”, I’m speaking of the folks I had Ital 101 with, Sthena, Demeter, Aello, and myself.

Nothing … stunningly exciting happened, really, which is often for the best. But there were some pretty awesome moments, regardless.

At the very start of the night, Jaertes, Alpheos and myself realised we needed furniture. More furniture, that is. As in, a whole extra couch and whatever else we could scrounge up. And where should we turn to but the common area on our floor? I mean, it’s full of seating, and there’s never anyone there. Perfect. So, at roughly 10:00-ish, three drunk guys burst from our door, laughing hard and running full tilt towards our common area. Stopped. Peered around the corner. Empty? Good. FURNITURE. Alpheos grabbed the only sofa, Jaertes and I a chair each, and we turned and booked it back down the hall into our room, all proudly hefting furniture. (It’s pretty hefty stuff, really. It’s this eminently stackable furniture, here.) As we shut the door and arrange our prizes, elated at not getting caught, Jaertes takes off again – and we’re all puzzled, we have more chairs than really fit, and why take the risk? Shortly, he bursts through the door with a massive cat & canary grin, carrying the coffee table, and everyone from our floor just burst out laughing.

(The coffee table from the common area is a long-running saga, where Aiola was convinced 301 had stolen it, and kept demanding they return it. They protested, every time, that 405 has it, stolen for a party and never returned. Aiola refused to buy it, and continued demanding a table. When she finally resorted to threats, 301 was stuck. 405 isn’t surrendering the table that Authority doesn’t know they have, and 301 had no table to give her. However, one day, a table was surrendered. Aiola was pacified and happy, 301 saved their asses and … 405 still has our table? Waiiiit a moment. However, East 3 still hasn’t come asking, so there’s no need say anything, is there?)

So, us, with our contraband furniture are gassing down and liquoring up in the flat, music blaring and party … doing party stuff, when we hear a knock at the door. Ohshit. No one but a Don knocks – everyone else just wanders in. This could be a problem; there’s liquor everywhere, and far fewer of-age attendees than drinks sitting around. I open the door – I’m our room’s designated talker, given that I’m of age and the most sober drunk we have, this is for the best. “Hey there, Aiola. What’s going on?” “…Oh, you seem to be having a party.” Uh-oh. “Sort of. We’re celebrating Alcyone’s birthday! Want I should go grab you a piece of cake?” I love offering her things. Fully throws her off guard. Sadly, I didn’t have a drink on my person, or I would’ve offered that, if I’d had one. “Wh-what? Uh, well, uh… Do you have the sofa?” Crap. Wait. She didn’t mention the table OR the chairs… “We’re just borrowing it for the night, just so everyone has somewhere to sit…” At this point, Alpheos wanders into the conversation, as Aiola falters a little, then raillies again. “… There’s a ten-dollar fine per day, you know?” Hah. Right. “Oh, like renting it? Sweet!” Alex and I both reach for our wallets, and start comparing contents. Aiola looks startled, “You’re actually going to pay?” Awesome. Just as I suspected. Bluff. “Yeah, sure. We need the seating, and it’s only for one night, so it’s worth the money.” “Sure, why not?” from Alpheos. “Oh. Uh…” stammers Aiola; “Just … get it back before I get in from my meeting!” before beating a bit of a retreat, nominally to get ready for the meeting. I love these games. First, she considers me one of her friends on the floor. Which, really, is true. I like her, I stick up for her when people complain about her being hard on us, and am generally supportive and nice. However, that’s not to say that I’m any less likely to want something that her job requires her to deny us. Like the sofa.

Finally, there’s a combo – the homebrew water bong, constructed in 10 minutes with random kitchen items, combined with our use of said construction. Our use (Of course not the highly illicit in-room smoking!) left those of us who partook with a distinctly skunky odour, and there was certainly wafting fumes from my room afterwards. (Most of the credit there goes to Demeter and Aello, for failing to utilize proper methodology to prevent such things.), and we all decided that sitting in my room with a half open window would serve to air us out, prevent the clinging fumes from spreading to the rest of the flat, and generally be for the best. So, while we’re all sitting there, happily stoned and generally chatting it up, I hear Jaertes call me. …Crap. This can’t be good… I know that tone. My job as talker is need, and what shitty timing. He has, excellently enough, realised he’s too intoxicated to talk to whatever Don has arrived, and wants me to do it. Pity I’m tanked, baked, and reek of burnt skunk. Not good. But rather than make them come get me, and potentially get the much worse fumes from my room, I dart out and shut the door behind me, and hurry over to Jaertes at the front door … missing the petite Don occupying our front hall completely. Jaertes helpfully points out my error, and I engage. She’d like us to turn the music down. “And, yes, I’m aware that I look like someone’s little sister. I really am a Don. Even if I wasn’t, consider this a complaint – keep it down, guys.” However, she did express that with that many people, she was shocked that the music was the only complaint about noise she had.

The rest of the night was, well, entertaining and a lot of fun, but not really Internet-worthy as any sort of exceptional party story. At least, to my witness. Apparently we had someone throwing knives at one point, but I missed that.

Finally, I must express, this is our first party that’s really worked out. Sure, we’ve had some good times, but it’s generally been Jaertes, Kalai, Celaena, and myself, maybe with Vetes or a couple of randoms. But this one, well, when I organize a party, a party happens. I’m pretty sure we had 30+ people in here, at peak. And I’m very proud of it.


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