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lol, Bong.

December 6, 2007

So, when Earthman gets drunk and the creative juices get flowing, interesting things happen.  The Unfortunate Inhumations project was the product of a night of inebriated pondering, and is slowly progressing towards done (More evidence of that will surface as soon as I have a working scanner.)

However, Monday night’s party was exceptionally good.  We were bored, waiting for shit to happen, and somehow we all grabbed bottles off the wall and an impromptu jugband started up.  Then, while attempting to play my giant wine jug, it hit me.  My jug, making a terrible jugband instrument, would make an excellent bong.

And, there and then, with Alpheos’ help, it happened.  We converted a 4L wine jug into a water bong, just ’cause we could.  I called Alcyone to bring me straws, and using two joined pairs, we made stems.  Hockey tape sealed the joints, and a piece of tinfoil with holes in it became our bowl.  Finally, we held the straws in place, and sealed the mouth with wet paper towel.  The first try, I had which straw needed to be in or out of the water confused, but caught on pretty quick, and the second try worked flawlessly.

We took off to a smoking-acceptable place, and lit up.  Perfect.  And that giant reservoir totally holds a full bowl, meaning that you can get so much chambered on the first go, not needing a second lighting.

So, you totally can make your own water pipe, any time, anywhere, with associated junk lying around the average household.  If I could find the means in a dorm kitchen, odds are you have them onhand too.

This sucker is sitting on my floor right now.  Calling me.  …Talk to you some other time, Internet, I have things to do.

…Important things.

No, really.


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  1. May 27, 2010 8:13 pm

    If I had a greenback for every time I came to… Great read.


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