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Italian Final

November 28, 2007

My Italian final is in half an hour.  I’m pretty worried.  This stuff is … like … another language, or something.  But, regardless, I managed to somehow provide assistance to Sthena when we were studying last night.  She, I, Demeter and Aello were supposed to have a night of studying / food last night, but apparenltly Aello & Demeter didn’t show.  Dunno where Aello got to, Demeter just kinda opted to not show up.  Sthena & I were both waiting on Aello’s appearance for assistance, the guy is really good at this stuff, and he never appeared.  However, Sthena’s question was one of the few parts of the exam I was sure I understood – appropriate grammatical structure of the conjugation of past patriciple with definite articles.  As in, “Ho comprito delle.”  Translation being, roughly, I believe, “I bought them.” (f)

Edit:  Just took the exam.  Shit was … breezy, I think.  Studying paid off, as best as I can tell.  Maybe I’m even feeling a little smarter now.  I’m suddenly in a fantastic mood.  Eating an expectedly hard exam like that tends to make a gent feel uppity, though, so…  One can hardly blame me.

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