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A Party Upstairs

November 27, 2007

The other friday, I attended a rather interesting party.  I was invited by a gal I have italian with, ad was a little shocked when she told me the party was in 409 – directly above us.

I was stoked, I know one of the guys who lives there, and he’s a pretty awesome guy.  Also, we pretty much constantly hear them moving and banging furniture, so we were curious to find out what ll goes on in there.  Jeartes and I wandered upstairs 10-ish, and arrived to find- the four guys who lived there, sitting around and drinking.

…not a good sign.  Jaetes & I exchanged an “Oh…  Shit…” look, and silently agreed that we may have to take off at the soonest opportunity.  When Jethe said he wanted to go on a Gotcha run through his floor, we worked that this might be a good moment to make our escape, and opted to accompany him on his run.  We checked, failed to find members of his game, and started wandering back, thinking of reasons to take off.  About half way there, we heard my name, shouted from the far end of hall … Turned, the nice young lady from Italian was coming in our direction, with a guy in tow.  Figured this was a good sign to stick around a little longer, just for the sake of socialization, and then, suddenly, the room was full.  It was excellent.

Mostly.  Of of the guys hosting it was getting dramatically sauced, and more and more … forward with the two or three girls in the room.  Expecting Sthena’s boy to step in at first, I ignored it, but as her discomfort grew and the guy did nothing, I was decreasingly keen on standing by not doing much.  After getting on particularly panicked look from her, I stepped in to play interference and hopefully keep the creeper off her back, at least as much as possible.  Shockingly, the boy didn’t look  even faintly shocked or territorial when I moved in and over to minimize the effects of the creeper.

It was very interesting, really, in an unfortunate sort of way.  A guy who, as best as I could tell, was brought along for Purpose, and failed to live up to it.  Beyond that, he failed to show much interest in her at all – but, oddly, not little enough to leave me in clear conscience to hit on her.  However, I couldn’t in clear conscience throw her to the creeper, so … I stepped in, to a limited degree, at least.  She managed to repay the favour almost instantly by being hilariously unaware of who I actually am, despite sitting next to me in class for the past 3 months.  Admittedly, I tone it down a little for the sake of my classmates, but she somehow thought I was 17.  And “the innocent, quiet artistic kid” …  I started laughing immensely hard.  I still think it’s pretty much the funniest moment of the night.  The look on her face when I corrected her age estimate by four years, and the again when she realized that jokingly calling me “whore” in class was not, in fact, ironic at all.

It was awesome.  A lot of people that I would totally hang out with again, and enjoyed talking to at the time, as well as more girls than typically show up to any party at Waterloo (…I miss Vancouver…) and a goodly amount of responsible drinking.

I had a blast, the only major downside of the night was that Jethe lost his camera, and I don’t have any of the photos from the night – there were some good ones.  Maybe it’ll turn up.  And maybe there’ll be the characteristic thumping & bumping from our ceiling in the near future.

We’ll be there.

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