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In-Home Coffee

November 12, 2007

I love my morning ritual. Memmon has a lovely (read: terrible low-end) espresso machine that he aquired somewhere for a play prop or somesuch, and he offered it to my usage so long as I keep it clean and in good repair while I’m at it. Easy.

So, every morning, I get up and immediately meander to the kitchen, and turn on the little monster. Then, I go for a shower. About the time I’m done towelling off, it’ll have built up enough pressure that I can get it started. Espesso in the portafilter, flip the switch. While that’s running the first part of it’s cycle, I grab milk and put it into the little glass carafe I use for steaming. Come back, flip the switch from brew mode to steam mode, giving me about 2.5 shots of espresso waiting on hot milk, and start steaming.

A minute later, It’s all ready for assemble, and 30 seconds after that, I have a morning latte, just waiting to make me feel human as the day starts.

Sometimes, life rocks. Regardless of how little one wanted to be up in the first place.

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