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Malajube @ Starlight

November 8, 2007

Thurs Nov. 1 – This should have been an awesome show. There was no reason for it not to be. And yet, somehow, it wasn’t. Malajube is possibly Montreal’s premier rising star of the indie punk/rock scene, and well deservedly. However, this show failed to display that at all; and not for lack of input on behalf of the headliners. Malajube did everything right, it seemed, but the show just didn’t click like Shout did.

The two openers failed at their task – Hollero are a great band, out of some nowhere town up in Northern Ontario, and excellent – their front has a natural rappor with the audience and managed to get the crowd as wound up as any opener could have with that crowd. With a constant stream of excellent banter when they weren’t playing – such as the memorable quip regarding their sole reason for touring being that the only bar in their town had burnt down and pretty excellent music when they were playing left me wanting to see them when they strike out on their own a year or two down the road.

However, whoever it was in the middle was miserable. Their new stuff showed a lot of potential, but they had next to no stage presence and most of their material was anemic shoegazer material. Also, their membership was thefour of the most steriotypically “outside” dudes ever. Y’know, we’ve all been in a class that had that one kid no one talked to, for whatever reason – this was four great examples of that type of kid, grown up. The freaky ginger kid was on guitar; y’know, ridiculously pale, brownish red hair, and perma-awkward manner. Their lead was the perfect example of the tall gawky kid kid with the glasses, while the bassist was one of those ones that hit puberty way early and overdeveloped on the facial hair. Finally, their drummer was the perfect example of the chubby kid that sat in the far back corner and didn’t talk to anyone. Ever.

However, Malajube rocks it. They took the stage, rocked hard, and fully lived up to my hopes and dreams for the show.

Other than the fact that the crowd just didn’t get into it, at all. Somehow, no one started into the partying. It was our group and a few other individuals dancing, and no one else, other than some people doing the shoegazer sway. No matter how awesome the track, or how great the showmanship, this crowd just wasn’t riding the party. Only peak in the crowd’s energy was when their lead threatened to not do another song until someone smashed one of the pumpkins that was sitting on the stage, though only one of them went down in the process.

All it needed was a slightly different crowd, and this coulda been a better show than Shout, even, but apparently the scene that goes to Malajube shows just isn’t after a party.

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  1. Tara permalink
    November 9, 2007 1:09 pm

    Dropkicks were epic. Being in the Commodore, I think, made them moreso.

    Ever been to any of the local ska stuff in Vancouver?

    Much envy.

    No, not really. I’ve never really been stoked on the Ska scene, but I may just not know the right people.

  2. November 13, 2007 2:44 am


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