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November 7, 2007

So, my Gotcha progress towards victory crawls ever forward – maybe even at an increasing pace. Turns out this wanker wasn’t actually ignorant of who he had, he was merely protecting his friend. He caved, and I nailed his buddy the day after, seeing him wander down the hall.

And his buddy had Jakuta. Oh, fantastic. I get to pick off my highly competitive flatmate in Gotcha? …All I need is a moment’s carelessness.

It came fast, as did my move. Kalai was over, and wanted to just sleep while he went out to his evening event. As he came out, late and dsitracted, I was washing dishes. I courteously dried my hands on the towel, and tagged him square in the middle of the chest. He looked stunned for a moment, then laughed. He’d been expecting me to get him ever since I started knocking off other players.

I now have a shut-in at the far end of the hall. However, I run into him every now and again to and from classes. All I have to do is last until I see him next, and I’m pretty sure he’s the last pin between me and victory – the chap after me never wears his hat, so getting him without it will be a breeze.

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