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November 5, 2007

We had fun on Halloween. Really, I could stop there. But I suspect you’d like the story.

On Tuesday, we all got done up in our costumes, planning on nailing the club, before realising that we’d missed the doors. For whatever bizarre reason, Fed Hall was closing the doors at 9:30, and we missed it. So we were a little stuck for what to do, and all decked up in costume as we were. We’d ended up running in a roughly matching black & white mime scheme, and went wandering to see what we could find to do. The reactions of the various people we ran into fully sold us on our final idea – harassing other students, preferably the drunk ones wandering to and from various events.

Yes. We were total dicks to people. And they loved us for it. We’d make fun of them, follow them around, mock them when we could, and they’d laugh an ask us for pictures. Suckers.

Then, on Haloween night, we went out on Trick or Eat, to collect donations on behalf of the food bank. We wandered down a single street, making only a single side before our bags were full to a capacity rendering us incapable of preogressing with our collections before we tracked down the folks with the shopping carts to take our haul. We didn’t, not until we reached the rendezvous point, by which time it was far too late for us to wander off t pick up another load. However, we did attain a magnificent haul of our own. Despite running out of capacity.

We got back, thoroughly exhausted and burnt out from our night’s adventures and those of the night before.

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  1. November 16, 2007 2:57 pm


    We loved it. I’m kinda wanting to rock that some other time, some time it’s not Halloween, just wander campus for shits & giggles, just to see what happens.

  2. November 19, 2007 2:04 am


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