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How I Spent Last Night

October 25, 2007

Back in Vancouver, I’d occasionally attend our local chapter of Manhunt, but work schedules and the like led to poor attendance on my part.  However – out here, my schedule is far more slack, and I’m capable of attending the Waterloo chapter with greated regularity.  At least, I’ve been twice so far since school started, and that’s as many times as I made it over the entire of summer break back home, so…

…Once a week, roughly, I get a message letting me know when & where the next game is, and Jaertes and I wander out into our kitchen and debate the likehood of attendance for that particular game.  We’ve even managed to get Kalai and Celaena involved, which is pretty awesome.  This week we pulled in Daino from downstairs, as well.

This week’s match was in a park just around University & King, which is complete with a zoo and a pond and the like.  For the first game, we played in the half with more nature and the zoo.  After getting out late in the selection process, I was feeling a little strapped for time in terms of getting a hiding place, and just went up the first tree I came across that would have worked for my needs.  I went pretty much all the way to the top, found a comfy place to sit, and settled in for the game.  I’d picked a great location, right in the middle of most of the action, and so central that it became background to everyone.  I managed to see 3/4s of the catches go down, and not once had someone look up into my tree.  I did have someone inspect the tree next to me, resulting in a few nervous moments when they finished and move outward from there, but for some reason they didn’t think my tree was a viable option.  40 minutes or so later, I get a call from Jaertes telling me to come in, that the game’s over.  Apparently I’d won.

The other game was on the “upper” half of the property, where the community centre and sports complex were.  I ran to the far side of the community center and hopped into some shrubbery.   It’s a pretty bare area, and the shrubbery is dense and low. Apparently it also didn’t look like a viable hiding spot, ’cause pretty much everyone in the game wandered by at least once and no one even looked at my spot.  Again, 40 minutes later I get a call from Jaertes and wandered in.  Celaena and Daino had also remained uncaptured this round, giving our group three wins, four total counting my earlier victory.  It was a pretty awesome night.

Additionally, we scored some Christmas lights out of a tree (only four bulbs work, sadly, but it was cool at the time), and Kalai got one helluva wound on her face after coming out second best in a run-in with a tree.

I love this game.

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  1. Tara permalink
    October 25, 2007 6:53 pm

    … I think the game itself needs an explanation, love. Because all I’m getting is something like hide-and-go-seek with men.

    Other than the “with men” part, you’ve pretty much got it. Gals come too. If by “men” you mean adults, yeah.

  2. October 30, 2007 10:41 am


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