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October 11, 2007

I’ve had the most epically busy week just past, so’s not much blogging, but… It’s coming. Tonight, while I’m plastered, seems like a good time.

Just to get in there with the shortest piece of Important Info – I’m +1 for Gotcha. I’m still in the game, and I knocked off my first target. I actually ditched Socio homework for almost half an hour to nail him (Kinda like I’m bailing on Socio studying to write this, really – is there a trend here?), but it was worth it.

The Boys on our floor had an epic 5-way Starcraft game, and he was in it. I stood around watching a couple of ’em play ’cause I used to be good and a little nostalgia is healthy here & there, even if it’s scary shit if you dwell on it. Also, I knew, fully and absolutely, that they’d all congregate in a Not Safe area to congratulate and backslap after a good game, and that odds were the rush of the game would eliminate a large part of their caution – no hats, folks. And, true to form, they all came out, laughing and swapping Moments and hi-fives, and I Got him. “Hold up – who are you? – I don’t believe we’ve been introduced… I’m Earthman.” “Oh, I’m B., nice to meet you.” “Oh, by the way, Gotcha.” “Hahaha… Oh, fuck.”

It was fantastic.

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