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October 6, 2007

Great timing, asshole.  The shift after I write complaining about people getting across the counter and into my space at work, someone has to totally top it.

He walked behind the counter to get my attention.   Rather than wait out the lineup and just ask me when his turn came, or just wait for an opportune pause in the flow of business (You can always get in a “Where’s the bathroom key?” during the last minuite indecision that strikes people when they hit the cash.), this particular gem of a man came around the back of the counter and tapped me on the shoulder, then tried to gesture me aside in order to ask.

I nearly swore.  Not at him, just in general.  I knew where my co-worker was, and didn’t expect anyone to be anywhere near me on the side she wasn’t.   Being tapped on the shoulder from where no one should be?  Pretty startling.  Though, I’m pretty sure the look of suprise on my face got the “You are not supposed to be here!” message across, so…

…to answer his query, I just kinda pointed and looked speechless for a few.  I finally managed to choke out “Long one.  Back counter.  Key.  Over there.” and he took off.

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  1. October 8, 2007 6:47 am

    Yeah, I know the feeling. I have similar problems. I work in a language school, and my students keep messing around with the air-conditioner so I’m always either baking or freezing to death. I also remember working in a pub kitchen and a guy came in once to complain about a dirty fork. I nearly thrust the fork in his cheek!

    Don’t you have one of those plastic cover things over the thermostat? Every school I’ve ever been to has had those things over all the dials so’s we couldn’t get out dirty little paws on the controls.

    …I remember at The Wall they lost the key, and the teacher offered a prize to the first student to work out how to turn the temperature up once winter started. …Once M. & I worked out that a cut elastic band threaded through, top-to-bottom, could turn the dial, we claimed our prize the promptly went around the school turning off the heating in every room but our own.

    Once they worked out what’d happened, Staff were Not Amused. But it was totally worth it.

    If I had shit to throw/stab with, I probably would’ve to some of the Community Cup customers. Not so much, here, though – even this guy was really nice about it.

  2. October 11, 2007 7:30 am


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