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September 25, 2007

Apparently Kitchener/Waterloo has some sort of crazy research department, spending hours on the internet looking for people’s writings online, describing what they think of the town and their opinions.  Seems that they’re especially keen on people who’re moving there.  …Currently, it seems there’s a good reason for the massive spike in hits I got about a week ago, too.


My attention was drawn to this by my newest boss, interestingly, who very tentatively brought up that there was a blog that they’d found about someone moving here and wanting to work for them…

Hm.  Sounds like I’d best be cautious about my writings.  Not as though I wasn’t before.

So, dear employer, if you come back – don’t be a e-creep, let me know you’re reading.  Leave comments.  It’s cool.  Really, nothing changes at this end.  I’m not ashamed of anything up here; it’s all public on the internet, so I damn well better not be.  I just ask that you remember that I’m merely honest about my shennanigans, I’m up to nothing that my peers aren’t, the only difference is that sometimes I write ’em up on the internet.

On the work note, though, I start Friday, as a “real” employee.  I’m beyond stoked.

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