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Frosh Week

September 18, 2007

All at once, for goodness sakes.  I’m behind because I’ve been so busy that my time off needs to be truely time off, and sitting around writing letters to Dear Internet, no matter how much I like it sometimes, isn’t always truely relaxing.  After all, I have to be witty and suave and charming for you, and that’s not always the real me.  Just mostly.

I’ve met a bunch of new friends here.  That’s the idea, right?  And it sure as hell seems to be working out.  I’m really tight with one of my roomies, as well as his girlfriend and a few of their friends.  Most of the partying I’ve been doing has been with them, and it’s always fun.  And, well, as you’ll hear, Frosh Week has been incredible.

Tuesday was the first real … introduction to Frosh- … “Orientation” week.  Our theme was “Most Extreme Orientation Challenge” or MXOC.  It totally felt like summer camp.  I showed up and they were playing “The West Wind Blows” already, and it went from there.  I found it hilarious that we hit almost all the games that I remember playing and running and leading at camp.  I loved it.  We spent much of the day alternating between dashing about hte campus for this or that orientation speech and playing games, accompanied by free food and the like here & there.

Wednesday had a morning filled with an LP (Language Proficiency) exam, then a mad dash to Costco for the necessities.  Flour, sugar, cheese, tea…  That kinda junk.  And  microwave.  Pretty dull day, really.  There was some sort of frosh event on, but it was brutally lame, so I ended up going for a Girls & Earthman night at Celaena’s with her and Kalai and Rheia.

Thursday was MXOC Scavenger Hunt – sending us all dashing off to our rooms for assorted goods and the like that we found ourselves needing.  And doing bizarre stunts for the camera.  It was hilarious.  And juvenile, but also hilarious.

That was combined with “Single and Sexy”; a play put on by health services about all the various things we may be confronted with while we’re up to no good (or very good, depending on your perspective) at university.  Possibly my favourite line from it being the somewhat stereotypical asian student, waking up and discussing a one night stand with his bedmate, wherein she asks “did we use a …” (Pinching two fingers together below her hand and shaking it) and he replies with “Tiny little bell?” …I think I’ve a new euphemism for condom, now.

That night we rocked the “Monte Carlo Night” a crazy formal dance party / faux casino night.  Jaertes and I got way done up in suits, and Kalai and Celaena rocked highly elegant gowns, and we all went out to have a highly incredible time in possibly the hottest, most humid dance party I’ve ever attended.  Pretty cool anyway, though.

Friday was filled with dull as hell sessions – “Jump Start Friday”, though it did have free food on offer for us.  The MXOC Dance Party was put on at Fed Hall, our on-campus night club that night, redeeming the day’s sessions.  It was all done up in blacklights and we were encouraged to write on each other’s shirts in highlighter, but Kalai and Celaena seemed to derive far more enjoyment from writing on each other and me with them directly, forgoing the shirt intermediary entirely.

Saturday was Black and Gold Day, a celebration of Waterloo spirit and a huge fair and the opening game for the Warriors season, against Guelph.  We won (Take that, Rachel.)  That night, however, was Canada’s largest Toga Party.   Rachel (in visiting from Guelph), Celaena and myself made a massive transit run to Conostoga Mall (missing much of Black & Gold Day in the process.) in order to buy bedsheets so that Kalai, Celaena and myself would have togas for the party.  Rachel was left out – non-Waterloo students can’t get in.  We cruised the mall a while, then finally headed back, grabbed some food and a few drinks in advance of the party while Rachel took off with the Guelph crowd.  We all partied in the hallway for a while while we all tried to make togas that worked (I eventually made Rachel & Celaena tie mine for me.)  We made it to the party in good time, running into Alpheos on his way back – apparently because his wristband had been torn off in rugby, they couldn’t let him in.  Fuckers.

So there you have our Frosh week.  Saturday Jaertes, Kalai and I went grocery shopping, and Sunday I had a job interview, but that’s less Frosh related.

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  1. September 21, 2007 1:14 pm

    smokin’ suit!!

    Best $30 I’ve ever spent.

  2. September 24, 2007 6:20 am


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