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Too Many Moons?

August 27, 2007

As a prelude to this, I admit Chemosh and I were Had. In a big way. Really. We fell for the old “Mars will be as big as the moon” urban legend, and decided to throw a party around it. By the time we worked out we’d been had, the party was booked. We figured we could get away with keeping it, regardless. Everyone showed – it was spectacular. From Little Perfect, Ajyasi, Perun, and Jund showed up, Litzamna and one of the customers I’m tight with came, as well as the complete usual set. Chemosh, Susina, & I were throwing the party, so we were all there, as well as Eshma & Belesh, Pelquar, Saoysha, Culitta and Begona. And loads more. Kurunta was there for a while, and Hetena briefly graced us with her presence. It wasn’t quite on the scale of Kurunta’s housewarming, but damn close, especially for a week-in-advance party. I was a little disappointed that Thixo and Rachel didn’t make it, but he’s on the assbackwards end of the North Shore, and Rachel was leaving for school the day after, so… 

Given that there were a few unrelated groups mixing for the first time, there were some pretty bizarre conversations happening. This is my fave photo from the night, likely, other than the super-up-close of Chemosh. Litzamna was totally getting hit on by the other girl, and not really that stoked on it.

Just to give you an idea as to how damn crowded it was in there at peak time. It was that awesome.

This is really just in here ’cause its a really hot photo of both Kurunta and Hetena. Really hot.

However, because it was so damned hot, the party eventually evacuated onto the outdoors, just ’cause it was cooler there. The only person here I know it Pelquar, but… They were all really nice.

And my pals from Little Perfect, striking a pose, just for the camera. Fuck, it was so awesome to have them show up…

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