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August 22, 2007

The fair, in Vancouver. Every year it seems like its about to get shut down, and every year it pulls through and somehow makes it, regardless. And I try and go every year, just in case this one’s the last.

I went with Ehsma and Saoysha, which just made it even more awesome than it could’ve been on my own. We hit a bunch of rides, ate some food, and hit the barn. I didn’t get photos on the rides, but I sure as hell got some shots of the cute-as-fuck animals. So, photos –

I’m pretty sure ducklings are the most quintessentially cute creatures in existence. These are no exception.

Piglets are also pretty cute. These ones were only 3 or 4 days old at the time.

These were not cute. At all. They were the freakiest looking pigeons I’ve ever seen. Pigeons should not have their chest that high up, such freaky necks, or have frog legs attached to their bottom half.

Definitely a cute photo, though I suspect she’d disagree.

I was trying for a sweet candid shot, and it sorta worked out, other than that I did a really shitty job of lining up the camera.

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