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A Monochromatic Celebration!

August 19, 2007

This most recent party, Kurunta’s housewarming, was themed monochromatically. You had to show up all dressed in one colour, though filling in with black was permitted.

A bizarre theme, but fully hilarious. Awesome, even. I totally went for baroque, grabbing an engaging off-white ensemble of regular pants, a pirate blouse type thing, and a cream suit jacket. And white gloves, just for over-the-top goodness.

Eshma & Saoysha both turned up in red ensembles, and Kurunta was all in black.

One of us had to hold the camera, so the four of us aren’t in the same shot, and this is the one that’s most flattering to everyone involved that has me in it, so… The party was half in Kurunta’s place and half in the back yard and a quarter in Chemosh’s place (Yes. So big and expansive it defied conventional mathematics.), though it seemed to result in a knot of people at the bottom of the stairs, another at the top, and a some more people in the living room, as well as a constant scattering in Chemosh’s place, regardless of the fact that the party wasn’t really supposed to be happening there.

After some marvellously awesome moments (half the party showing up in Chemosh’s living room to dance to Gogol Bordello after it came up on Susina’s iPod (“…Start wearing purple, wearing purple, start wearing purple for me naoooow…“), which resluted in a bunch of shirtless dudes jumping up and down and shouting in a small space. Which, oddly, was awesome.

After that, it stayed brilliant, but slowly dissolved as people trickled away.

I’d planned on sticking around all night, and just crashing there, but Saoysha deemed it necessary to get herself home for work at 10AM the day after, and was far from a state wherein she could get herself there on her own. Boyfriendly duties required me to see to it. We skipped at around 3:45, missed the last nightbus, and ended up sitting at Broadway & Renfrew waiting for a taxi until 4:30. When we got to her place, we realized that she’d left her purse (& keys, phone, bus pass, wallet) at the party, and thus, we couldn’t get in. So, we used up the very last of my money getting to my place, so we at least had somewhere to crash for the night. Slept late, and ended up sending her home in a bunch of my clothes, ’cause she couldn’t bus home in what she’d worn to the party. At least, not without feeling really really uncomfortable.

All in all, it was a fantastic party, though.

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  1. September 1, 2007 9:53 pm

    Did you borrow that Pirate Shirt from Jerry Seinfeld?

    Hardly. Apparently my dad made it. I inherited it.


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