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Welcome to the New Pad, Susina

August 10, 2007

Debauching like a rockstar? SO there.

After Kurunta moved upstairs (that party is Saturday night, by-the-by), her friend Susina moved into her old space in #5, The Renfrew, and out of necessity, threw a housewarming party for herself. It is, after all, The Renfrew. The theme was Rockstars, and it was … stellar. There were a bunch of emokids, a few punks, and at least one classic rocker. Kurunta pulled off the Gothwhore excellently, Susina rocked the emopunk/goth look, Chemosh managed to pull off a super-tacky, extra-awesome fur-jacket party-hard rockstar thing, and Eshma ran well with a John Lennon/Yoko Ono combo that she called “End of the Beatles”… Brilliant. I went for a pretty generic punk look, pre-grunge, and Saoysha and her friend went with a charming groupie look.

In itself, the party was pretty mellow. Good attendance, pretty much everyone from the scene was there at some point or another, but not a lot particularly memorable happened. I finished a great bottle of wine, smoked a little, and got Eshma really giggly from the Great Stuff, but I stuck to moderation for most of it – I wasn’t there to play whore, this time.

There was a whole amusing set of nudity episodes, wherein Chemosh came wandering out with nothing but the coat on, covering his dignity with a pillow while looking for water. Later, Eshma wandered out, missing her top and laughing outragerously while followed by Belesh.

I gave her one of mine, just for dignity’s sake. Apparently no one else thought of the same, which struck me as odd, but…

…later, though, I had the awkward experience of needing to get the shirt back (she lost one of my hats at Hetena’s party, thankfully, Hetena still has it, and will bring it to Kurunta’s housewarming). I was willing to lose the tshirt, but not so much the overshirt I lent her. I made Saoysha come with me for moral support, and kinda banged on the door before opening it with my eyes closed… Then gleefully pronounced “So, Eshma, we’re trading shirts.” before stripping mine off and tossing it to her. …The look on her face was priceless.

She was somewhat more modest than I was, turning around before tossing me my shirt – after replying with “But, Earthman, you can’t see my breasts. You’re dating my best friend. That would be awkward.” I’m pretty sure everyone but her laughed. And she would’ve, had she been sober.

But that was kinda the peak. We stayed really chill, nothing major going on at all, just… a great, mellow-ish party.

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