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July 29, 2007

The other day there, some chap came in and wrote a massive dissertation on the back of a Cheerios box.  It was beyond bizarre.  He was an older, short chap, with a large beard and moustache, wearing slightly ratty clothing.  He came in, got a large coffee, and asked politely to borrow a pen.

He then sat down, pulled out half a box of Cheerios (the front half, by-the-way) and started writing on the inside-back.  And writing.  And writing.   And writing some more.  In little spidery script, he filled the entire space given him with bizarre ramblings.

I’ve not translated all of it yet, he seems to have truely terrible writing, but…  The gist of it seems to be a letter to Conrad Black, regarding something to do with the ecology and sanitation of out city – apparently we have “syphilis and athlete’s virus” in our sidewalks, and something we’re seeding the clouds with is helping contain the problem, but he wants funding to do more…  Bizarre.  If I manage to translate the lot, it’ll show up here, though – it’s too awesome to not post.



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