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July 18, 2007

Wow. This year, the Festival’s 30th birthday, was unbelievable.

Not necessarily as awesome as last year’s, but that had little to do with the acts or the people, and more with some of the little details.

See, scheduling of acts wasn’t as cohesive – previous years, the mixed-band sets were the main draw, there would be three or four similar acts all playing off each other’s strengths and fucking around on stage. It would be an incredible mix of things that you’d not normally hear out of all your old favorites. This year, somehow, this was not achieved. All the multiband sets I went to were excellent, don’t get me wrong, but they lacked a certain degree of unity amongst the songs and the groups. You’d end up with this bizarre disparity where one band would play an intense party track, and rather than follow it up with another, the next act would play a downer, mellow piece, leaving you hanging with a desire to party and no music to follow it with. Or, vice versa.

Add to that the fact that I had a mid shift on Saturday at Community Cup, and you get why this one wasn’t as awesome as it coulda been.

However, the upsides were worth any of these minor issues.

The evening concerts were incredible. The individual bands were stellar, and when the sets were on, they were way ON. Everywhere I went, there were people I knew. I ran into Laima, Ajyasi’s friend, a ridiculous number of times, but pretty much always for brief moments as we were wandering in opposite directions. But I got in enough socialising to make seeing her count, so… Then, right after I saw Laima for the first time, I ran into Elyona from last year’s festival, along with Ninlila and someone I recognised but didn’t know and faked well enough that they didn’t get re-introduced. Then I saw Kurunta, Eshma, and a few others from that scene, including Masee, who apparently recognised me as “the really creepy drunk guy.”

Over the course of the weekend, I convinced her otherwise, and am now “Earthman” to her instead. That makes me feel good.

Both afterparties were incredible – the first involved me sitting around drinking high-end sangria (1 part red wine, 1 part OJ, 1 part Grand Marnier with liberal splashings of lime & lemon juice.) and smoking ganja with Kurunta, Laima, Ninlila, Masee and a few others while debating the nature of friendship and activities at parties. Grabbed a ride mostly home from a dude who is actually named one of the cover-names I use here then went to bed and got set for the next day.

The next night’s party was more amusing, both for the fact that it was comprised of dancing with Elyona, buying a pitcher and losing the people I was splitting with, and trying to put Eshma into a situation where she could kiss the painfully shy boy she’d been romancing all weekend while charming Saoysha, the friend she brought with her. Other than the fact that when we (Saoysha and I) led Eshma and Boy off, they had a tagalong, so the two of us ended up trying to keep him distracted so Eshma and Boy could have their moment, and I thus could not be charming her friend. It was mostly cool. I didn’t get what I was aiming for, but close, and we did manage to get Eshma and Boy together.

Summarized, it was an incredible weekend – but it could been awesome. It’s not out of lazyness that I’m not reviewing it act-by-act; it just wasn’t as good as last year (Days 1 & 2), which did require such an effort from me.

Lets do it again sometime.

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