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July 8, 2007

Rachel, if your mom reads my blog, we’re all fucked, as of now.
BTW, just so you know.

I spent the weekend camped out at Rachel’s place, couchsurfing, if you will. Her mother had taken off to parts unknown, and the Fircom Visitors Day was on Saturday. I’d camp out, we’d party some, and then I’d not have to bus to Horseshoe bay from my house, on my own.

Asides, I can cook.

It was pretty awesome. Fircom visitors day gets a separate posting, but…

I got there 7-ish Friday night, and we made a quick dinner/booze run, picking up two 2-6’s of Fireball – one for Rachel, one for Nephele – then headed back to Rachel’s place for pizza and TV and gossip.  Mostly gossip.

We were up far too late talking, joking around, and bitching about the heat.

Saturday, we got up ungodly early and shipped off to the Fircom Visitors Day, then got back and called around for a few things.  I have $100+ of Thixal’s ganja, and figured it’d be sweet to get that back to him somehow, but he was unavailable.  We also called a few of Rachel’s friends looking for folks to party with, but they were unavailable.  So we ended up drinking (trying out the recipies on the back of the Fireball bottle) and smoking pot in the nearby park with Nephele, then watching the complete second season of Little Britain while blotto.  It was fantastic.

Lets do it again sometime, shall we, girls?

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