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June 13, 2007

A new iPod is rapidly on it’s way here, as is, shockingly, a new computer.

This computer, much like the old iPod, was obtained used.  Buying used is kinda like playing a high-odds version of lotto.  Generally, shit works out great, but you don’t always win.  This was one of those not-winning plays at the used-tech game.  My screen has been kicking it in for about the past year.  The bottom half is slowly fading, losing contrast and getting increasinly grey-white.  It’s getting worse, and inevitably will die soon.  (By soon, I mean, within the next 8 months or so, I estimate.)  Given that most of “soon” will be spent on the other end of our fair nation, away from a large enough limited credit card to buy a computer over the internet, and that offers a student discount untrumpable by store-based retailers, we just bought one.

Apple is super cool, and offers huge discounts on iPods ($229 off) bought at the same time as a computer.

Thus, with my new laptop, I got replacement pod for far less than it’s worth.

How can I argue?

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