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Significance of rebellion.

May 1, 2007

Today’s middle-aged parents are moralists; their young offspring form the Millennial Generation, who face a society so splintered culturally that there is hardly any significance in rebellion.

This is a little snippet I noted down for myself almost a year ago, while researching a paper.  I struck me as an amusing conclusion to the hyperrevolutionary cycle of generations since the 1900’s.  We’ve had the boomers, possibly the first truely revolutionary generation in the current cycle; railing against the war and the military-industrial complex and the conventions of society.  Following them, punk was born, protesting the strictures of conformity and capitalism and the inherent consumerism of our society.  Now, however, we have so many little splinter groups and causes and protests that any protest becomes meaningless.

If everyone is already protesting something, how do you start a revolution?  Or against what?

Everyone is rebelling against everyone else, against everything else, that there’s no real movement.  Everyone is so deperate to stand out, to be doing something unique and different from their peers, to assert their individuality through their actions, their music, their fashion … their whatever, that everyone is so radically individualist in comparison to each other that no one actually stands out and we all seem the same regardless of how different we look.

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