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More Kids

March 27, 2007

One of our regulars came in yesterday, with their kid. He’d be about 40, the kid is around 2. If that. Cute as hell, just recently walking and super curious, about everything. He spent much of the afternoon wandering the store, getting into everything and being really cute.

Tallu and I were chilling out in the back booth doing some studying, and the lil’ guy just wanders up and joins us. Scrambled up onto the bench, and kinda sat there for a bit watching us, then finally just jumps right in there, drawing on a discarded piece of notpaper with a fortuitously available pen.

Ended up with Tallu and I sitting on either side of him, drawing a picture for him, and struggling to keep up with his myriad demands for new content in this drawing. Made even harder by the fact that, of the two of us, Tallu was the only one who understood a word he said. It was good fun. We were almost a little disappointed when it was time for him to go, really, ’cause he made a slow shift way more fun.

But I do hate children. Really.

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