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Smokin’ Aces

January 25, 2007

At work the other day, Tallu and I got given a premiere pass for two to Smokin’ Aces. We’ve not gone out for a while, and figured on this being a great excuse.

Something came up, and she bailed. But no biggie. Instead, I grabbed Tuatha, and we had a gents night. Watched this year’s gunbattle epic, and had a great time.

Movie Poster

It was a pretty awesome movie, really. I had little in the way of expectations for it, other than that it would involve shit blowing up. There was far more complexity and … movie to it than I was coming to it expected, and the best ending I’ve ever seen for a movie of it’s type. They rarely end as well as the movie coulda. In this case, my only complaint was that the plot development was too … subtle. There was no definate transition from windup to pre-climax to climax to end. It just kinda … happened, with a few akward pauses in the middle. The gunbattles were confusing, there were 2 or 3 going on at the same time, and locations were hard to work out. I spent the first ten minuites of the battles wonderinf how they didn’t hear each other.

However, it was impressive. Great. Action was incredible, enough characters survived to make a sequil likely, and there were numerous darkly humorous moments to it.

I enjoyed it, and recommend it to you, Internet. 4 of 5, for it’s genre.

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