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What’s Been Up

January 24, 2007

 Not counting the migration from Blogger to here, life has been filled with all sorts of interesting things over the past little while.

At 4:00 AM on Sunday, the parents departed for sunny Mexico, for a week.  I’m jealous.  Now, normally, I’d be pretty thrilled to have the house to myself for a week, but in this case, there’s More.

Over winter hols, we decided to get the kitchen redone, as well as finally renovating our upstairs bathroom.  It was Time.  So, we’ve spent the past months deciding on appearance and materials and all that junk.  I got my way with cabinets and flooring, but lost out whn it came to coutertops.  We have a underpadded firm vinyl floor with a dark flagstone pattern and a slight red/terra cotta bias to the bricks and the grout.

I was rooting for an equally or only slightly less dark counter, to provide continuance, but the parents seemed to think that the white walls, counters, and ceiling wouldn’t provide enough light to counter out the dark floor and counter.  Instead, I suspect that the kitchen will feel too floor-weighted with it being the darkest location in the room.

Anyway, back on topic. We planned the renovations for around mid february – early march, but our preferred contractor pretty much told us that it would either be now or November, so – while getting university applications and the parents packed and ready and dealing with the start of school, we suddenly also had to get ready for a kitchen renovtion as well.

By get ready, I mean empty everything out of anything in the kitchen, box up everything we don’t use regularly, and get everything I will need into the dining room.  This seemed allright, until Mother was stricken unwell, and it ended up being me doing pretty much all of the packing while taking care of Mother and Father.  By the end of that, I was pretty sure that I’d earned a week of rest and maybe a little partying with the friends while the house was mine.

Not to be.  The lads show up at 9:00-ish, so I don’t really sleep in much, and the living room is so full of cabinets and stove and fridge that a party is totally out of the question.

Dammit.  This is far less amusing than I’d expected.  I almost look forward to the folks getting home.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been too busy to keep my (Hah.) readers amused with petty anecdotes and inane thoughts.

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  1. Tara permalink
    January 25, 2007 7:05 am

    …okay, first? I don’t like that my e-mail is required on this damn thing.

    Second: by readers, you mean myself, Rachel, and whoever the hell “Hot Lunch” is, yes?

    If I reply in here, does it get emailed to you?

  2. January 25, 2007 8:41 am

    Yes. It’s meant to be an ironic comment on how few people read this.

    I don’t know why it wants your email. Did you try not giving it?

    I do know that replies don’t get emailed to you, so…

    …Unless… I’ve had an idea!

  3. Tara permalink
    January 26, 2007 4:43 am

    It tells me that my mail is required. Tha’s all I know.

    It didn’t tell you about my reply then, huh? Fuckin’ wierd.

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