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January 22, 2007

In socio today, we were discussing people’s objections to progress, especially objections to psychological and social research, given that that was the material we were dealing with.  I had a inisght moment.  I realised how utterly … catastrpohic it would be if suddenly everyone could understand everything about the motivations of individuals, groups and societies.  How terrifying would it be if you knew, that no matter what, there was someone out there capable of predicting exactly what you would do, how you would react to any given situation.  It has already been proven that with sufficient information, sufficient computing power, and enough drive, any number of things, from dice to cards to weather, traditionally concidered within the domain of Lady Luck, can be mapped, predicted, and goverened with almost uncanny accuracy.

What will the delightful adventure of social interaction, those delightful interpersonal dramas of status and attraction and allegance and hatred, become? Will the magic of other people’s company vanish, leaving us feeling bored and jaded with how predicatble and mundane all other people are when – after all – we know what kind of person they are, and from that can predict exactly what they will say and do and lose any sense of unpredictability and spontenaitity.

Fuck.  This is an industry, a science that I desire to apply myself to for my future?   Will you still respect me as I labour to demystify the very things that make us unique and special as people?

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  1. Tara permalink
    January 25, 2007 7:07 am

    You’ve always seen through people’s bullshit. Seeing through it with uncanny accuracy will not be a stretch.

    And the thing is, no matter if someone somewhere could predict one’s actions, there is a very small chance that they will be paying enough attention to that one person when the action is made. It doesn’t worry me that much.

    Well yes. But that’s … talent. Instinct. Not nearly the same thing.

    YesBUT. Not if it’s possible to do so, but guarinteed that we can. That human motivation and action and reaction are so completely mapped that we can’t help BUT predict other people’s actions. That woule be pretty horrifying. Life would be so … dull.

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