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I love my liver.

October 29, 2006

Your pal the Earthman, it seems, doesn’t get hung over. Period.

Even after I was a moron over the summer, the most intoxicated I’ve ever been, I felt no non-social ill effects…

Same this morning. I was up and functioning by 8 today, and I’d been partying ’till 3:30… And given that we were dealing with post-daylight savings, I was up till what felt like 4:30 and up at 9-ish, but that’s not what the clock said.

Anyway, I was off to a costume party at Ajyasi’s place last night. Albasta was supposed to be doing the party, we were just using Ajyasi’s place, but Albasta is kinda a slacker, and had work, so she did very little of the actual organisation. Or anything, really. Other than showing up.

But it was sweet anyway. I really like Ajyasi’s friends, they’re a lot of fun to chill with. Dancers, it seems, are very affectionate people. I get hugged a lot. After introductions, re-introductions, and general start-of-party stuff, we tried to mount a walking expedition over to the parade of Lost Souls over at commercial, but because we were waiting for late people, we ended up just kinda getting there, and turning around and going back to Ajyasi’s place. I was walking with a gal I’d met there, though might’ve met before, not sure – Nijema, who was cute and cool and fun, but I got seperated from her and the group when took a pit stop at a Starbucks on Commercial to use the loo and … modify a coffee I got from them. Ended up meeting Ajyasi, Albasta and her boyfriend, Egle, and Jund, who had waited at the house and came down later in Egle’s car. So wel all crammed in and headed off, getting home roughly at the same time as as the group I’d walked down with.

Party … continued. Nothing majorly special, other than a few more people showing up, some good times chilling with the Fan Club and the various dancers and misc. friends hanging around. Sat around chatting with Nijema for a bit, then stood around humming/singing Arrogant Worms with her and some dude in the kitchen. He kept going long after it was time to stop or move on to new music, so I left. Wandered around, hung out with Erial and Dolya and Svaroga and a few others of Ajyasi’s crew who I should know, but don’t really…

I stayed up long after my drinks had worn off, chatting with Ajyasi and a couple of others in the kitchen, nefore assisting in a cursory cleanup and crashing on an unclaimed sofa under my coat at around 3:30 (Actually 4… See above.). I should write about that coat sometime.

I was woken around 7:00 or so by Ajyasi’s dad coming into the kitchen (the sofa was in the conjoined family space) to start in on his day. He seemed suprised that I was able to open my eyes, let alone speak, but was happy to be social before heading out to the studio to work. It was gone 8 before other people started showing up, and becuse I’d taken my contacts out so late, I had to wait ’till 9:30 to put them in, and thus couldn’t see faces for most of the conversation. The tap crew cleared out at 9:30, leaving just a few of us, a pretty much everyone left shortly after, I stuck around with Egle to help clean the place up, then cleared at around 10:30. As I said above – no ill effects from my drinking 2/3 mickey of Tequila/Fireball mix.

Bussed home with my enormous sword hidden under the coat, and no one was the wiser, other than maybe the old lady who asked me if I’d dropped anything when she caught me looking down to check if it was showing.

…All in all, a brilliant event. Absolutely insane. Some new people, sone familiar people, and a lot of pretty girls. Oh, and Ajyasi claimed I could dance. That was flattering and hilarious.

Only downer was that some fucker nicked my Sennheisers. Thankfully, they left the iPod, but my $80 headphones did a runner, which was highly Not Cool.

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  1. Tara permalink
    November 1, 2006 8:47 am

    …I don’t know if you realize the amount of Brit slang in your writing but it makes me laugh.

    Don’t drink Tequilla and mix it with Fireball. Just buy Cyclone. (I’m sure I’m not spelling that right- the brand is spelled Ciclone or something dumb but I couldn’t bring myself to type it that way.)

    …what Arrogant Worms were you singing?

  2. November 1, 2006 3:30 pm

    I am sort of aware of it. And it amuses me too. But more how people can’t ever seem to peg down where I’m from if I’m having a particularly foreign day with my voice…

    What is Cyclone? I … *shame* did that ’cause that was what I had remnants of in my caddy, and didn’t want to carry two bottles.

    If I’m shelling out money for liquor in the future, I think I’ll drop the change for Absinthe (available legally here in BC, BTW…)…

    Uh, Pirate, and some other one, and then I gave up.

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