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Nochnoy Dozor

August 31, 2006

…Otherwise known as Night Watch. It would be the second movie that I’ve seen in just a few days that was totally excellently incredible. Not quite as good as Mirrormask, but still awesome.

My only complaint was that throughout the movie, the main character seemed completely out of his depth, totally dysfunctional, and utterly unsuited to his job – despite the fact that the organisation seemed to see him as the top guy, the main hero. Really, he was useless. Well, nearly so, at least. I think some of it was a stylistic thing to show the internal conflicts that are added to any physical struggle against evil, but he was smacked around by a minor flunky of Dark, when he was supposed to be a major hero, and then got (SUPRISE!) completely tooled by the King of Dark, (Where was the King of Light? Why didn’t he get his ass up there and join?) and managed to lose, essentially, the entire war because of his disfunction.

Augh. Great setup for a sequil, cocking things up like that, I suppose. And it’ll be one helluva sequil, too.

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