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August 27, 2006

After full thought – I do plan on going forward with a version of Operation Groucho, mentioned here, but altered.

The plan is this: Transform every statue in Vancouver we can find into a pirate. We’re running those stupid things with the bears, so there will be lots. Or the next animal will come along. I’ll arrange for eyepatches, and we’ll get classic red & white polka-dot fabric for bandannas, and just go nuts. Except better planned than that.

I think I’ll need 20 – 30 people, and start a month in advance. Get them spotting statues for us to alter. Then, a week before, we can start scouting, doing some measurements, and possibly handing out leaflets – a simple motto like “Pirates are Coming” so’s that there’s some curiousity about it all in advance.

Then, the night of, send everyone out in pairs with digital cameras, a destination, and the required pirate gear, and tell them to have fun. Meet back in a park or my back yard for a crazy party to celebrate our work.

I’ve figured some targets already – the giant inukshuk by the beach, the statues in front of the police office by granville, the statues in Q-E park, Gassy Jack in Gastown, and the Fallen Soldier and his angel by the seabus.

It may not be huge, may not even be noticed, but… It’s really just a trial run for far greater things. If we pull it off with minimal hitches, there will be more to come. And more ambitious. Far more ambitious.

BTW, thanks to John Marcotte of Badmouth for coming by – I don’t know how you found me, but the words of encouragment from an expert like yourself are pretty awesome.

Edit – He found it ’cause I left a comment on the original prank. D’oh.

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  1. August 28, 2006 9:10 pm

    Good luck on your prank. It sounds fun. If it turns out well, I’ll link to it from Badmouth.

    Just an added incentive for you.

    In exchange, I’d like Canadian citizenship. See what you can do.

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