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Re-Novation 2

June 27, 2006

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Not a helluva lot goin’ on, other than stripping drywall off the walls and putting it into the container. We finished our first one today, filled to the brim (and a little more) with drywall, and apparently heavy as hell. The guy driving the truck complained about it, but…

I seem to be in charge of “scientific” packing, that is, putting stuff into the bin so that we get the most out of the space available. I probably shouldn’t read anything into the fact that it ends up with me spending a large portion of my time in a dumpster.

We went to Legendary Noodle for lunch today, an incredible local place that does highly awesome hand-made noodles, produced on the premises, available in numerous dishes for cheap. I’ve been before with Mother, and they were up to the same quality and excellence that they were last time, too.

We killed off most of the latge patches of drywall today, all but one wall and a few spotty bits all over the place. I think we’ll be tackling the shiplap all over the walls and celeing tomorrow, which likely means more carrying and “science” for me. They pry, I port. No objections here. I don’t mind as much as I pretend to – but only ’cause some complaining is expected from the low guy on the totem pole.

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