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June 14, 2006

Woot. After some time approximating 3 weeks, I’m finally home.

Mom put me right to work digging stuff in the garden, but… I’ll live. It was still nice to get here, to be greeted by my cat, to see my parents and my house and my … my own space.

Oh, a deep sigh of relief. And now that I’m back connected to the mysetical internetland, I’ll fill in on the random postings and junk. We’ll get there eventually.

Edit: The whole saga is all available below:
Interior #1 – Bus Ride
Interior #1a – Harry Potter
Interior #2 – Arrival
Interior #3 – Whoa!
Interior #4 – Religion?
Interior #5 – Invention!
Interior #6 – Lemon!
Interior #7 – 24 Hours!
Interior #8 – Uh… Sure…
Interior #9 – Damp.
Interior #10A – Tara’s Prom, Part 1
Interior #10B – Tara’s Prom, Part 2
Interior #11 – …Oh…
Interior #12 – Conflictionation
Interior #13 – Nipples
Interior #14 – Time
Interior #15 – Variety
Interior #16 – Rockhead.
Interior #17 – Finished, I think…
Interior #18 – End of Term

Done. Not all the interlinking is set up, so you may have to use your back button to navigate, but…. You’ll live. You were interested enough to click this post anyway.

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