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Interior #10B – Tara’s Prom, Part 2

June 2, 2006

NOTE: Dear internet. It has come to my attention this page comes up in searches for “Mony Mony Alternate Lyrics” – if that’s what you’re here for, I have posted the lyrics – click through here, and receive.

After arriving in a style that I am unaccustomed to, we proceeded to mingle and greet and admire dresses in the large parking circle of the hotel. Well, the Herd members (my date included) did so. I just kinda followed along. It was fun, I met lots of cool (and attractive) people.

It was good fun, as soon as we started, I was awash in a sea of faces and names and colours, faster than I had a hope of keeping up with. I checked out and got checked out, talked and was talked to. The night was fun and amusing. Then, out of nowhere, it started to rain. With everyone standing in the lot, in their finery, water started falling out of the sky. Tara and I headed for the shelter of the hotel, seeing as her dress likely wouldn’t weather the water particularly well.

We wandered the hotel a bit, accompanied by Chris, who’s quite a cool guy. Little on the fem side, but that’s not so bad. Made me seem masculine, which was an interesting change. We all sat in chairs, preened in front of the mirror, and explored all the various things in the hotel we thought we could examine without getting in trouble for.

Shortly after, everyone else followed our brilliance and joined us indoors. Mostly. And more kibbitzing and the like occurred indoors and on the odd covered patio thing. Before dinner, we briefly wandered the grounds and out onto the pier, looked out over the lake at the little flashing speck that was the INXS concert on the far side of the lake, and joked around about getting into the bar. (I learned later that the bar had been turning away people in suits/dresses on principle, without IDing… I shoulda gone in, just to fuck with ’em.)

Then inside for dinner. It was excellent. Except the potatoes, which they butchered. It’s pretty hard to get potatoes wrong, but they managed. As I said, though, everythign else was great. They did an especially great salmon, which is unusual for, well, banquet food. At most banquets, the fish is the one dish you absolutely, positively, must avoid. But not this time.

The desserts were awesome too. I’d eaten too much savoury to really dig in, but there was some sort of a mocha cake that was awesome, and a hazelnut confection that was also great, but the real highlight was the cremé caramels that they had on offer. Dania wouldn’t try them, and I couldn’t explain custard in an appetising manner, but … I loved mine. The fact that they got them right totally made up for the horrid potatoes.

Then, on to speeches, which were sentimental and sappy and oddly – quite clever. Even I, on the ultimate outside of every joke made, found them amusing. Finally, to wrap up the talking part of the night, they had hired a comedian of some repute to perform – Herb Dixon. The name was familiar, but I couldn’t have told you who he was beforehand. He wasn’t bad. Wasn’t spectacular, but he was good. There was a definate reason why he had made somewhat of a success of himself.

After the talking, it was time to process into the hall, originally it would have been just the grads, but they apparently mixed up the format so non-gradding dates could join in as well. We marched ourselves around the hall, then into the centre, with Tara, Fish, I and …. Shit, I forget her name … Anyway, we were all causing trouble and fooling around while marching. It was a blast. The barching ended up putting us into a kinda spiral thing in the middle of the room, where we got stuck and confused as to what we were doing next.

Music and dancing solved the question, and the fun began. While rowdy generally to start with, the true trouble didn’t start until Drew got the DJ’s to play Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony”… Which there are some alternate lyrics to. Well, they go in as a chorus. Between verses. “Hey, motherfucker, get laid, get fucked!” You get the idea. Throw in shouting “Fucking Horny” over the “Mony Mony” repeater line, and we’re disturbing the shit royally on the floor. Drew was supposed to join us, but wussed out at the last minuite. So Tara and I did it until Sam picked it up, then we were joined by another couple who knew the same lyrics we did, and the real fun started. We were disappointed when it finally ended. We danced a bit more, but Tara and I got bored, so we went wandering in the park, hoping to find a couple or two screwing, just so we could show up and make things akward, but… we were not rewarded. So we went to the gazebo thing and gossipped instead. After a bit, we were found by Sam and Dania, who called to us from across the lawn (Less concerned about the walk and more with Interrupting Something, I think, but… enough on that.), telling us that it was time to go. When we got over to them, it turned out Bree had already left – medical reasons, she was somewhat unwell all night, and apparently it’d peaked rather dramaitcally.

We rode back to the Sherwoods in their van, Drew at the wheel, and kinda partied in the driveway for a while before I got a ride back to the Dorms with Tara’s dad. I was kinda disappointed I didn’t get to spend the night, but Don’s condition of me going was that I had to be fit for work at 5 the morning after.

All in all, I had a blast. I’ve not had that much fun in ages. Totally made up for not being able to chill with Tara at Rovent, and then some. She seemed to think that she owed me an apology or something for “dragging me in” – I owe her a massive thanks for giving me the privledge of going with her. I only hope I helped make the night as awesome as she deserved.

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