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Interior #8 – Uh… Sure…

May 30, 2006

Today was an interesting day off. I kinda slept through most of it, (I wonder why…?) and got up in time to go out for lunch/breakfast with the boys who are on nightshift. It was kinda cool, but they messed up our order somehow, and so our food was super late. Our waitress was hot, though… It was cool.

After that, we drove around town generally checking out the scenery and having fun. The boys had mentioned taking me to the Swillo (the Willow Hotel has a really sleazy peeler bar…) but they decided that Don’s expression said that it was a bad idea. I was a little disappointed, it’d’ve been an excellent story. Every sleazy peeler bar is a good story. Guarinteed.

Anyway, later, I bussed to the other college in Kelowna and went to visit Tara. One of my best friends, (and rather hot, to boot!), she, well, obviously lives up here, and that uber bites ’cause like most people, I like to be around my friends. I decided when I got this job that I’d take advantage of it to chill with her as much as she’d tolerate.

Hung out there for a while. Met her family. Met her “sister’s” friend, met the family’s grandmother, I think someone else might’ve wandered through, not entirely sure. The family is hilarious. Highly cool.

Pinnacle of the night was when her mom decided that I’d have to take up the family’s spare ticket to prom, which is Friday. Remember, they’d just met me, and I’m in a completely different part of the province from anything formal I own.

I’ll have to talk to Don during my next shift and ask him about time for that.

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