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Interior #6 – Lemon!

May 26, 2006

After a day full of invention, we decided we wanted hearty greek food. We picked some place out in Rutland, which is kinda like Kelowna’s Surrey. But I don’t think they have the jokes. Anyway – back on topic. I mentioned it in the posting about the bus ride, but Lemon is the universal coverup of shitty food. We went out for Greek tonight, and it was decent, except everything was loaded with too much lemon. Everything.

I ordered Roast Lamb Shoulder, and there was one thing on the plate that was not vagely lemon-flavoured. And it wasn’t my lamb. I was pretty pissed. If they’d left that out and just tried a few other seasonings, the meal would have been good. Well, other than the rice, which just plain sucked. But the rest of it would have been – without the lemon. Only greek-style roast potatoes are supposed to involve lemon. Not everything.

Bakeries do this too, with some pastries. I’ll keep noting occurrances of this, just for academic curiousity.

Anyway, next post is after that 24-hour shift I was talking about…

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