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Interior #5 – Invention!

May 26, 2006

As I promised, we invented shit today at work. Had to fuse a right-angle snorkel type thing to a device called a “cyclone” which serves to slow down a reduce the force of the water exiting the rig. I got to give the acetylene cutting torch a shot. ‘Twas fun. Don did the welding, ’cause I still suck at it. Other than that, a helluva lotta boring. Well, that and Don floating the other big truck up the hill to our site because of the mad mudpit that the road was. It was kinda scary watching that beast slew back and forth on its way up towards us.

Tomorrow I’m running a double shift, 24 hours. $384 made over 24 hours. For a lot of sitting and watching water. …I’ll have to find stuff to do. Take a notebook, draw… Maybe bring the laptop and watch a movie, though I don’t think the battery’ll hold out much longer than that, unless we hit up the generator. That relies on a lack of rain, though, ’cause while we’d keep the computer in the truck, I don’t want to expose any of the cord to the wild outdoors.

Ohgod I need an internet connection. Kelowna at 7:45 on a Friday night is dead… The only mall I went by closed at 5:30, I’d wanted to hit up their electronics store for a ethernet cable, see if the connection in my room is live or not, but… They’d closed barely half an hour after I got off shift, let alone finished showering and dinner at the greek restaurant.

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