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Interior #3 – Whoa!

May 25, 2006

Welding looks hard, right? Well, its harder than it looks. I got to give it a shot today, and, well, sucked. But I’ll keep at it ’cause it’ll be a useful skill.

…I also got to play with a metal-grinder-saw thing. That was fuckin’ awesome. Showers of sparks all over the place, mad power…

Those two made up for the rest of the day, which mostly consisted of watching water shoot out a large hose and go down a little canyon thing. And filling pumps which dealt with the water once it got to the bottom of where it was going from the gulch. Dull as nails. (Which, by the way, is a stupid expression.)

Today was one helluva step up from yesterday, all one and a half ours of it… But I’m in the rhythm of it now, whatever’s coming up shouldn’t be that hard to deal with.

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