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Interior #1 – Bus Ride

May 24, 2006

And so begins the journalation of my trip to the … well, somewhere in our lovely province. I’ll have to line up a map sometime in the future.

At 1:00 in the morning, while I was packing, I killed my iPod. I wouldn’ta been up that late if it hadn’t been for the damned thing, actually, ’cause i’d been fighting with if for a while by then. I took it downstairs and tried to plug it into the other computer (also a Mac) which promptly hung and had to be restarted. Then, after restarting the computer, it claimed that my iPod wasn’t there and wouldn’t eject it. When I unplugged it manually, it hung. Stuck with the little apple on the screen. Its kinda been that way ever since. I just fired it up and it claimed to be out of battery, but the humming-thinking noise was different, so I’m encouraged.

I got onto the bus at 9:45, and I’ve, well, been in the same place ever since, other than just now, when I got up to go into a rest stop and buy nibblies and a cola. They had Coke with Lime. Its been somewhat scarce recently, and I really like it, so… I had to buy a bottle. Mmmm. By-the-by, the best way to figure out how low end any “white” flavour muffin is (mine is poppyseed), is the quantity of lemon juice. Too much is always a sign of low-grade backed goods. Dunno why. Shitty bakeries always add too much lemon.

I’ve only owned it for 3 hours now, but I just finished my book. It was pretty good. “Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment“, decent sci-fi, though its a NY Times bestseller, which means that the author is likely pretentious enough to try to call it something like “speculative fiction” instead.

Back later, I suppose, bus has the latest Harry Potter on and I’ve not seen it yet. Maybe once I’m off the bus and settled at the Dorm.


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