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Food of the gods…

April 3, 2006

That’s right. Chocolate. In specific, the chocolate event that I wait for all year … fuckoff Halloween or Christmas, its all about Easter, and for one simple reason. Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. These things are by far my favourite chocolate ever. Somehow, the chocolate contained is better than any other junk candy, even, so they’re impossible to resist. My family bought a 1kg bag 2 weeks ago, and we’ve almost finished it.

Sure, I can hear you scoffing, thinking things like “lightweight“, but, well, I have to munch discreetly, and its only the fact that Mother seems to want some left for Easter day that prevents me from simply taking the bag whenever I’m up here working, or downstairs writing or whatever.

If given a bag, I’d likely finish it in a matter of days, but the constraints of belt and family prevent me from doing this to the current bag.

Ah well, the bowl’s downstairs, so I really must be going…


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