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Wierd Dreams.

March 28, 2006

As I promised, we’re back on the topic of dreams…

Saturday night, I had another odd dream. Not quite as good as zombie dogs and strainer-ladles, but decent anyway.

I was a corporate ninja. Going one-on-one or team vs. team to win companies high-stakes contracts, totally the most killerawesome job ever. Especially seeing as I was apparently damned good at it. Anyway, that night I was apparently up against a new company or something, ’cause I ended up running around a convoluted downtown core region, in pouring rain (a-la Sin City), having stolen a kickass jacket & hat, duelling a giant, bright orange-yellow armadillo.

My subconscious is one weird place, what can I say…?

Anyway, the gun I had ended up was massively strong or high-power or whatever, but couldn’t punch through the armadillo’s shell, so all that happened everytime I shot it was that it would curl up before the bullet hit, then look startled and go rocketing backwards ’cause of the force of the bullet… The startled look on the face of the creature was totally worth it – hilarious… Eventually, the dream kinda shifted direction & storyline, and me & the armadillo were teamed up going up against the dude who’d driven me there and was giving me guns, who had apparently double-crossed us both. I think. Or the dream just changed, as they are wont to do.

Just as we’d cornered him, and the armadillo was getting ready to attack, and I was aiming my odd gun-thing, I woke up.

Again, always up before the cool part happens.

Then Sunday night I was a flock of crows. Not one, or shifting, but all of them at once. It was the most brain consuming thing ever. I was literally in 20 places at once, experiencing 20 things all at the same time, and totally dealing with it. The whole thing was truly incredible. I mean, I was able to do all this spectacular stuff and fly and everything 20 TIMES OVER all at once. Beyond belief.

I did, however, wake up with a spectacular headache that morning.

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