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I just paced a bus.

March 27, 2006

…On my way back from loomis, I had a somewhat typical bus experience – running.

To a non bussing person, this may not segue well – after all, busses are intended to spare the discarred from perpetual foot-traffic. However, this is rarely the case. All too often, we have to walk to the bus stop. Then, from the bus stop to the eventual destination. And the bus stop is never next to where you’re leaving from, nor is it ever next to the eventual destination.

However, running is another thing entirely. Sometimes, on particularly unfortunate days, the bus arrives at or appraches the stop before the busee, requiring a sprint on behalf of the busee to obtain their chosen method of transportation.

In my case, today, the bus approached the stop as I was crossing the street (parallel to the bus) to get to the stop – so I started running. He slowed down at the stop, and I slowed a touch, in relief, then, just as I hit the doors, expecting him to open them, he up and drives off. I was pissed, but I just kept running, and managed to stay alongside and alongpace with a bus on Main for almost 3 blocks – far more than my usual capacity for running at a speed like that. Eventually, he got going faster than I could run, and left me behind, but was kind enough to wait for me at the next stop. The driver, despite this all being his fault, gave no indication that he’d witnessed my epic dash, though I was congratulated by numerous other busees once I got further back on the vehicle.

A full hour afterwards, I was still winded and coughing (well, weezing, but…), which leads to some concern – this does not seem normal, or healthy. Additionally, my knee is going, but that is to be expected, I’ve known it is fragile for a while, and running in non-running shoes is never good for it.

All in all, I was thrilled I could do it, pissed that it fucked me up for so long, and hurting ’cause my knee hates me.

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