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Bruce Mau’s Manifesto.

March 14, 2006

In Designing for Humanity, we were tasked with illustrating two or three points from Bruce Mau’s “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth,” and creating oringinal-ish creations that avoid the most obvious possible illustration version.

I got given “Coffee Breaks, cab rides, green rooms.” and “Make new words. Expand the Lexicon.” So, there’s some pretty obvious illustrations – especially the first.

Draw coffee, a taxi, and a green room, or a waiting room. I added spin – lets have a cliché bolt of inspiration striking people in all 3. Fuckoff that. Ended up running with the theme of the piece, which is that we’re most creative in unusual places, like in bed. Thus, a dude in pyjamas walking to work. The original had equations on the pillow, but the pyjamas were less obvious, so I re-did it.

The second was more of a challenge, and I did go more of an expected route, but – the made up words are original. I promise. It was a pain combining the illustration, done in markers and a fineliner with the text, but it worked in the end.

Click to enlarge, you can read my made up words, so its worth it. And you can sorta make out the plaid on the dudes pants, too.

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