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February 26, 2006

So, major scare this weekend – The “Speed” part of my High-Speed Internet vanished for Friday and Saturday, leaving me with, well, High Internet. If it weren’t so urgent for me to able to use said fast ‘net, it would’ve been somewhat funny. After all, my browser (Firefox) couldn’t keep up with the slowness. The I would click, give up, go somewhere else, only to have the other page load while trying to deal with my 2nd best alternative. Things wouldn’t load for hours, some things would load the wrong page… Truely “High Internet.” As said, though, the Speed part only just recently returned.

After all, if it hadn’t I wouldn’t be here, ’cause Blogger has a timed login process, and the High Internet just wasn’t fast enough to make it through that window.

…Aaaaand, trying to finish an assignment for Ray. Huge assignment. No more time for blogging, so full story after its done.

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