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Rovent #14 – HOME!

February 19, 2006

After packing and shipping stuff up the hill to the parking lot, we all started loading the trucks.

My main shennanigan with rides was to jump into Hymir’s car, with all the main people I was there for, rather than the two new girls that I didn’t really know. After sorting that out, we set to work moving gear to trucks, only to have to wait around while Hymir changed a flat tire on his van. Suttung, being the perfect son, stood around making useless comments while his dad changed the tire, rather than helping the rest of us load gear.

Anyway, finally headed out, in the van with Donar, Jakuta, Nari, Eostre, Thassi, Suttung and myself, with Hymir driving. Hooked Donar’s mp3 player up, started running the Dane Cook comedy and, well, skipping the dodgy tracks so that we wouldn’t overly scandalise Hymir’s sensibilities.

It was awesome anyway.

All being very tired and loud and crazy, until everyone kinda fell asleep. I couldn’t be particularly loud, my throat was in a ton of pain. See the hot-water part of this post. Still thought it was just sore from yelling at the dance, but… Worked that out later. Despite the sore throat, it was a ton of fun. As is traditional, we stopped at DQ for munchies on the way home. I immediately made for the washroom, in order to change into normal street clothes and kinda clean myself up in general. Shaved, washed my hair, deodoured … all those necessities.

Then, right onto food. …Over the weekend, I had a HUGE craving for spicy food. Nari wanted to scam food from me too, so I was a little stressed about cash, but… tried anyway. I got myself a Flamethrower burger, paid for hers, went back to the table, to discover that the flamethrower burger was woefully un-spicy. I went back to the counter for more hot-sauce, and the entire staff looked confused and shocked that I’d want more. She tried to warn me “Carful, its really spicy” when she gave it to me. It wasn’t, but it was hot enough to deal with my craving to a degree. Dipped the burger in it, dipped fries in it… it was wonderful.

Another hour or 2 on the road, and we were back in town. We cleaned up our stuff, put it away at the church, and went our seperate ways. I ended up getting a ride from Suttung’s place to home. Would have gone from St. Stevens, but no one was answering the phone at home, so I was going to pile into Nari’s car until I finally got through to Mom after the 6th time.

Got home, and just collapsed into bed, and slept for a good 4 hours.

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