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Rovent #13 – Packing up…

February 19, 2006

Packing up was, as it always tends to be, a dull process. And, as usual, I was the last one finished. Though, in all fairness, I was most alert during the Nari’s event, so I was least awake that morning. That, and that’s what I get for bringing the sterio, I suppose.

Got gear & the like packed up, then we started in on the site. At Rovent, not only do we have to pack up and take our gear with us, but we are also expected to fill in any & all holes we dig, and all that junk. So when we’ve dur our main group tent in well, it seems understandable that the filling process is somewhat lengthy.

We dug some, rested some, dug some more, and repeated as necessary. It was an intense process. We also tried to play with the whiskeyjacks, but they were far more timid than the Garibaldi versions, and thus, harder to convince to come and play. In Garibaldi, it was possible to convince them to come and land on your hand by just holding it out, cupped, as though you had food for them. Here, even if you did have food, they wouldn’t unless you were still for a full 10 minuites. And even then, were somewhat nervous. I’m sure its a sign of higher intellegence, but – much less fun.

Only other real high point of packing up was finding my frozen orange/mango Koala soda, which I then attempted to saber with Suttung’s machete. Both upright and on the ground, the machete just didn’t have the juice to cut in, so I had to stab it with my knife and cut it open the dull way. The sugary slushyness was a worthy reward though, and after trekking the gear to the top and some minor car-related shennanigans, the ride home started.

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